E-learning platform for aquaculture professionals to improve the energy and water efficiency of their facilities

E-Learning platform now freely accessible at http://eweastraining.eu 

Welcome to the EWEAS project

EWEAS helped to improve water and energy efficiency in aquaculture facilities through development of a new training course designed to reduce excessive water and energy consumption in aquaculture which offers improved management practices and environmentally safe and cost-effective solutions.

The EWEAS e-learning training tool is free-to-use and promotes interdisciplinary cooperation and facilitate exchange of good practices among the aquaculture professionals, who often work in remote areas, making face-to-face training more difficult.

EWEAS final event 12th of May 2021

The EWEAS final event where the e-learning course was launched and experts in energy and water efficiency in aquaculture shared their insights in a series of talks and panel discussions online on the 12th of May 2021.

Project overview

Sustainable Development Goals

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